Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Get That Festive Glow All Year Round at d'skin & Shou - Review


So sorry for being MIA for awhile because I have been so busy and sick. Anyway I am back now hehehe...

This time round is also about another review that I did with D'skin. I get spoiled with 100% Intensive Collagen Treatment by Shou Slimming. I went to D'skin at Heartland Mall, Kovan because is near my house. 

Before I started my treatment, they have to check my skin condition to make sure everything going well. Also to let me know the improvement about my skin from last visit. Basically I make improvement. Yeayyyy....

As usual, after skin checking they will bring you to the room. Before they start doing the treatment. They are doing the basic thing like cleansing our face and did a little extraction if necessary (they said this time round I don't have much to extract LOL Good News ). But I still have sebums to be removed on that day hehehe... 

This is the fun and main of the treatment. COLLAGEN mask hehehe... We all know about the function of collagen and how is work into our skin to maintain our skin elasticity and stay away from wrinkles so we can have a youthful and firm skin. Definitely you will a little bit cold the moment they put the collagen mask on your face, but it was so comfortable and made me fell a sleep as usual. This facial included the eyes area and neck too (see the picture below). 

This treatment provides a more aggressive anti-ageing practice, with signs of ageing diminished by lifting and toning facial muscles to resume a more youthful position. To achieve maximum penetration, ultrasonic technology is used to infuse serum, leaving the skin to glow. 

As you can tell that I just wokeup from deep sleep LOL
But I feel my skin really getting better after the treatment. No redness and no pain from the treatment. Yes this is me with totally zero makeup on :D

Btw, they also have BioSculpture Treatment. BioSculpture Treatment makes it possible to safely and efficiently targets and removes unwanted localized fat deposits. The treatment, which uses a combination of patented technology, is a breakthrough in non-invasive body shaping. It provides an ideal holistic solution for a wide variety of aesthetic applications which include fat reduction, body sculpting, cellulite reduction, stretch marks reduction and skin tightening. Unlike other technology, BioSculpture Treatment releases liquid fat from the subcutaneous tissue, removes released fat via lymphatic drainage mechanism and reshapes the body by reducing localized fat and tightening the skin.

To celebrate the joyous festive season, we’re thrilled to offer your readers a trial price for both treatments - with 100% Intensive Collagen Treatment only at $69 where a normal price is about $338 for 120 minutes and BioSculpture Treatment only at $89 and normal price is about $368 for 90 minutes, from 4th Dec 2017 until 31st Jan 2018! An awesome pampering treat which saves over 75%

I am not sure what are you waiting for again. Let your skin glow as glow as this festive season :)

Thank you to Jan Jee and Cindy from Brand Cellar for always giving me the opportunity to try out more beauty related :)

Thank you for reading my blog!

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