Wednesday, August 16, 2017

D.I.Y. your own nail art

Have you ever think to have your own manicure & pedicure that easily to bring for travelling, didn't take so much space and easy to use also not to forget safe from the dangerous chemical?

As you know I am a lazy person who always say no time to do because to be honest we have to spend 1-2 hours at salon. Not to mention that how expensive it can be. Doing it with express manicure/pedicure definitely won't long lasting. Like seriously only for few days it will chip off. That't gel polish always become the good option for long lasting. 

Now you can have your own kits to do your own manicure/pedicure at home or anywhere else. Only using simple steps without base coat and top coat will still maintain the same quality like salon gives.

I was invited to The PinkRoom International Nail Academy workshop that works together with QTTIE GELLY. 
I did my own DIY nail art ( picture above )

Day 1
Condition after more than 2 weeks
I was satisfied with how simple and easy to use the kit and also how lasting the product quality. Not to forget saving my money for spending every 2 weeks on nails only. 

So I decided to get my own starter kit.
With only $98 you can get 1 set of starter kit with 1 gel polish, 1 UV light (portable) and the cleanse.
Qttie Gelly comes with 30 colours for you to choose.

Qttie DIY Starter Kit
For more information about QTTIE GELLY, please check their website or their social media.

So what do you think? 
This product I can say :
  1. so affordable price
  2. safe time
  3. easy to use
  4. lasting
  5. travel handy
  6. safe from dangerous chemical
  7. a lot of variation to choose
Can't wait to do another creation on my own again ;)

Have a nice day!

Thank you for reading

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