Tuesday, June 13, 2017



I am back and this time round I would like to share my experience about NYX FACE AWARDS SG 2017. Yes, this year is the first time Singapore having NYX FACE AWARDS. I am so gladly can be chosen into TOP 15.

You can watch my entry video here:

After I got chosen into TOP 15, NYX Professional Makeup sent us a very big box full of makeup. I can't believe how happy I was to see big amount of makeup. Thank you so much NYX :)

Here is my un-boxing video:

I was so excited to see what is my next challenge. And the next challenge submission was FUTURISTIC and I was thinking about human-droid.
Even I end up can't move into TOP 6, but I am happy enough to have such experience like this. I promise next year I will do better. As you all guys know, I am not a makeup artist neither face paint artist. All what I did only self thought and for fun :)
Thank you for those keep gave the votes everyday and still supporting me. Thank you again to NYX Cosmetics Singapore :)

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