Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Treatment at Kowayo Aesthetic - Review (Part 1)


Lately I have been busy and have lacked of sleep, so my skin is acting so bad lately. Gladly I found out about Kowayo Aesthetic where Dr. Wong was helping my skin to get better as what I need and expected. He explained about my skin condition and listen what I need for my skin so he suggested the treatment as what I need.

I did consultation before I have decided what I want and the needs for my skin with Dr. Wong. After few talks, I told Dr. Wong my concern about my skin health more than my face feature. Because of my lack of sleep, I end up having a very bad dark circle, dullness, un-even skin complexion, dark spots and my obvious wrinkles ( old already 😭 ). Not to forget my acne scars with big pores too 😢
With Dr. Wong patient by explaining and sharing his concern about my skin, he also very experience in this line.

After done with the consultation, they direct me to the treatment room which that day I decided to do IPL for my acne scars and un-even skin tone as my first treatment.

Treatment Room
Hi there, It's me before start the treatment LOL
First step is definitely the beautician need to clean my skin.

After my skin is clean, Dr. Wong come to do IPL on me. It was tickling for me but none of  pain I feel over the session. 

The beautician did a little massage & putting sunblock over my face
Me & Dr. Wong

As my surprise, it was painless and nothing like redness or irritation into my skin. I even looked more awake than before the treatment if you can notice that. Okay maybe only my dark circles are there but to be honest, my skin now less bumpy and the texture is getting better.

By the way, Kowayo has few rooms of treatment. The do have slimming treatment room and 2 facial treatment rooms. 

Dr. Wong, Me & Joselyn
I can't wait for my next session. I feel so gladly that Joselyn from Gotidea and Dr. Wong for being so nice on giving my skin the best result I have ever asked.

1 Raffles link 01-03C Singapore 039393

Tel No: 6884 4297

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