Monday, March 20, 2017

Kowayo Dewy Shine 少女针 Beauty Event with Gotideas


About 2 weeks ago I got invited by Joselyn - Gotideas and attended Kowayo Dewy Shine Beauty Event at 1 Raffles Link. It was a lovely event and I have learned a lot about beauty aesthetic that nowdays to be beautiful also can be less painless. 

The Kowayo Dewy Shine 少女针 is a specially designed Collagen Stimulation treatment (Ellanse) that stimulates your body’s own collagen to lift the cheeks, forehead, chin and tear trough area (under eye) to achieve a natural face-lifting effect.
Ellanse works differently from traditional dermal fillers to address wrinkles and folds. It not only correct wrinkles and fold instantaneously in just one session, it also stimulates your own collagen to treat the underlying causes of facial aging for long-lasting results.
The Kowayo Dewy Shine collagen stimulation treatment also benefits and treats other skin conditions such as saggy cheeks, enlarged pores and acne scarring.
During the event, some of the invited guests shared their experience at Kowayo Aesthetic and how the treatments had help to enhance their facial features and boost their confidence.
Jennifer shared about how the chin fillers has helped her achieve a V-shaped face and slimmer jaw line with refined contours.

Cinddie shared about how the HiQueen HIFU treatment helped to reduce her nasolabial lines due to its effective face-lifting effect.
Ryan did IPL to treat his acne problems at Kowayo.

The event ended with a Grand Draw where the top prize was the HiQueen HIFU treatment worth $1800 and Benjamin was the lucky winner! Recently, he did the Kowayo Signature Dark Eye Circles Treatment to correct his tired eyes and I couldn’t help but notice how refreshed he look at the event!

The event ended with more rounds of happy photo-taking with Dr Wong, who gladly obliged every photo request. No one walk away empty-handed as well, as every invited guest receive a swag bag containing Kowayo hydrating face masks and an eye & lash peptide serum.

Dr. Wong & Me

For the rest of the picture from the event, you can see it over here

1 Raffles link 01-03C Singapore 039393

Tel No: 6884 4297

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