Tuesday, December 20, 2016

YOKOWA Japanese Restaurant - Recommendation


How have you been? I wish you all feel amazing especially near towards this Christmas holiday and it is so festive season. December is my favorite month hehehe 
If you are in Singapore and wonder around where to get nice place and food to try out.
I would like to recommend you YOKOWA Japanese Restaurant.
Yokowa is a fine-dinning Japanese Restaurant specialist in Kaikesi, a traditional multi-course Japanese meals.

Front View Building
This restaurant is very unique, where you can go to their bar section at downstairs or dinning area for more privacy (they do have V.I.P dinning room too )
bar section

V.I.P Room
This is their V.I.P room
It's so interesting concept because I feel that I am back to Japan. The simple interior and modern traditional Japanese style are so comforting to hang around. Especially if you come in a big group.

Okay let's go to their foods. Shall we?

Did you see what is happening on my table? Hahaha Jason is so nice to let me and my friends having all of these. Okay these are not all because the table is not big enough for all the foods Hahaha...

They are so thoughtful by giving us hot towel so we can sanitise our hands before start eating.

Matsu (S$28)
(6 kinds of side dishes)
Take (S$28)
(6 kinds of side dishes)
Ume (S$18)
(3 kinds of side dishes)
*All Lunch Bento sets come with Daily Okawa (rice), Miso Soup and Chawanmushi.
Daily Okawa
Daily Okawa is a very traditional Japanese rice and healthy kind of choice.

Sashimi Mori 
These are Sashimi Mori and they are so fresh.
They are salmon belly, tuna, swordfish and prawn.

Unagi Kabayaki (S$48)
Tempura Moriawase (S$15)
Chanku Nabe (S$36)
This is one of their specialty soup which come with udon inside.

Anninhu Milk Pudding (S$8)

Last but not least for the dessert time, this Anninhu Milk Pudding is Almond milk topped with fruits . The texture is very soft and very sweet.

It was a very delicious meals overall. Will come bring more friends for sure.
Thank you Yokawa for having me and Jason for inviting me. I went home with super big belly because I was too full and so happy with the meals.
The food and service was great and will not disappoint you.

YOKOWA Japanese Restaurant
21 Duxton Road,
Singapore 089487
Tel: +65 9770 2122

Facebook: www.facebook.com/YOKOWA.sg

Operating hours:
11.30am to 12.00am (Mon-Sat)
Closed on Sundays

Disclaimer: This was a hosted food tasting session. All opinions expressed here are solely my own personal views. And all the pictures are mine without any editing by using Iphone 6 so you can see the real mood.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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