Monday, December 12, 2016

Las Vegas Day to Night Makeup Inspired


I know that I have never been Vegas before but I heard is fun over there. Life with those glamour and enjoyable fantastic lifestyle. So this time round I am doing my Day to Night Makeup with Las Vegas style inspired because I don't want to redo the whole makeup to catch my Night Life in Vegas (if I ever live there LOL )

Since the glam and wanted to let everyone notice you, I always go bold on my lips by NXY Ombre Lip Duo in Bonnie & Clyde πŸ’‹
Using Laneige BB Cushion instead of foundation that can make my skin keep dehidrate all day long.
Folowing with Innisfree oil control powder to set my face less oily.
Then goes to my contouring with Cover FX contouring set in Light, after that Tom Ford blush in Wicked then not to forget highlight my cheek, nose and chin with Houglass Strobe Lighting Powder in Ambient.
The last but not least, eye makeup that I am using Heimish Palette in Granita and Chocolate, also Meringue for my inner corner. Get my little wings with Dolly Wink Eyeliner.

Even the makeup is more natural looking, but my bold lips will make people on the street to notice me because I am lit AF like Las Vegas which will never die 😜

At Night, I feel Las Vegas has amazing secret lifestyle with a lot of party and shows and I understand it is super crowded city (ahemmm I meant super lit city πŸ˜‚✨✨✨)
So, once again I only overlay my eyeshadow with Urban Decay Vice Palette in Beat Down (because I want it a little sexy look)
It's night time so I go with NYX Liquid Suede in Stone Fox for my lips because Las Vegas is full of mystery city and Party must goes one 😌
With my eyeliner, I connect it with lower line to make my eyes bigger because I need to see how amazing Las Vegas at night right? (Asian eyes problem πŸ˜‚)

Which look that do you prefer more?
To me, eyes and lips are the most important and can give big impact on look.

With these day-to-night makeup look, I will definetelly watching alot of concert and shopping at day time and party at night 😁
Cirque du Soleil show are on my check list for sure πŸ‘πŸ»

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Thank you for reading my blog!
I had so much fun doing this 😘

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