Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bottega Verde Sol Protezione + Review


Currently I am using Bottega Verde Sol Protezione+ as my sun screen and after sunbathing. Even on my daily routine with or without makeup. I believe sun screen is important towards our skin as protection from faster aging, dark spots and more other skin problem that caused from sun light and UV.

I went to their event and learn more about their products. As what you know, I always love to try new products and see if it is work well on my skin or not. Surprisingly, I am in love with this products that I have been using it daily to protect my skin because I have bad complexion and a lot of dark spots.

These 2 products are compliments each other with very good function where mostly I am pretty sure we always forget that even we already using sun screen to protect our skin from the damage of sun light and UV, we never remember the important to treat our skin after the sun-bathing. I know... I am one of that person too LOL....
Yes, treatment after sun-bathing is also important to cool our skin from it. This similar like when go to the beach, definitely will using sun block and after our beach activities we will putting aloe vera to cool down our skin from the heat and reduce the redness, pain, etc from UV light that basically also damage our skin.

♥ Siero Viso

This product not only work as sun screen with SPF 50 from UVA and UVB, but also works as beauty serum which have antioxidant and soothing properties and protect our skin from the damage caused by UV radiation. It smells like normal sun screen or sun block to me, but I love it because it is not sticky at all even with SPF 50. You know that the more SPF, normally the product turn to be more sticky. But not with this product. This product also water resistant. I always use it before I leave house (with or without makeup on).

You can see how light the texture on my hand and the different is my skin become more radiant. It's very cream but very light on the same time. I guess that's why it didn't turn to be sticky at all even after the whole day activities.

♥ Trattamento Viso Riparatore

This is the one that work as inactive after sun treatment which to protect our skin from the damage that occurs after sun exposure. The ingredient of Coconut oil and Sesame oil nourish and offer softness. Sunflower petal extract, meanwhile, absorbs UV rays and turns them into light energy.

The smell is not much different with sun screen but the texture is not creamy like sun screen. It is more watery and easily to absorb by our skin, even though it looked like so creamy at first, but after the massage you can feel like face serum with water base.
This product need to be used after sun exposure, following with cleansing our face and after that applying this product. 
I am just being honest with you guys, I am still trying to use this product on my routine because there were a lot of time I keep forgetting this step LOL (not used to it).

You can ask me anything about this product and I will try to answer it as much as I can do.

Have a good day!

Thank you for reading.

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