Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Unboxing ALTHEA Haul


Hi guys, I know that I ever posted this but there's a problem with old blogpost about this so here I am again to show you if you never seen it yet :)

I had a great time to unboxing my ALTHEA hauls for sure, so many good products that I tried and they were way cheaper than buying from any online shopping. Korean products are great stuff for sure.

There are some I still re-purchasing them because I love their products and works well on my skin hehehe..  More things to try. 

Thank you so much ALTHEA...

As what some of you already knew it. ALTHEA is one stop online shopping that sell Korean beauty products from makeup, skin care, hair care and body care. They bring so many Korean brands which very affordable price if you compare it to another shopping online or store itself. Most amazingly, they shipped it out direct from Korea and in my own experienced, I received my boxes with less than 2 weeks ( actually sometimes even less than a week ).
So far, I am so satisfied with the service, products quality and price. 
In South East Asia, they already 

Once again I need to say thank you to Althea.
If you are living in:

♥ Indonesia ( click here )
♥ Singapore ( click here )
♥ Malaysia ( click here )

Enjoy your shopping!

Let me know your experience of your shopping and favorite product with Althea! It will be great to share each others right? :)

Thank you for reading my blog.
Have a nice day!

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