Thursday, May 5, 2016

Virgin Experience Eyelashes Extension with Edelweis Art


Happy to share with you all in Indonesia, especially Palembang city. I have a very good experience to share with you guys about my virgin eyelashes extension ever :D

As a person who born with short and lightly having beautiful lashes, most of the time I always need to do special effect mascara or using fake eyelashes to bring up / open up my eyes to look bigger and wider hahaha..
I do love fake lashes with very natural looking and soft & comfortable to wear all day long for sure. Now I am so happy, now I am saving my time to put all those troublesome things on my eyes for daily outing. 
Lucky enough that Edelweis Art gave me opportunities to try out their good quality mink lashes extension with very affordable price that I ever know. Yeayyyyy.... :D

Here are the pictures of mine BEFORE and AFTER putting eyelashes extension:

In my own experience, I am happy with my new look for sure :)
I may not have a lot of experience to try with eyelashes extension, but so far I am not regretting it and have not complained anything about it yet. I also heard a lot of good feedback about eyelashes extension. So far, I am enjoying it :)

Do let me know about your experience. We may can share each other for sure. 

FYI: I didn't get paid for this. There is no sponsorship or endorsement advertising. I am always being honest in my own opinion in giving review.

If you are in Palembang, feel free to book your appointment:

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