Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hair Makeover with The Scene Korean Hair Salon


I know that I have been away too long but I am back with my new hair style. Yeayyyy!!! :D
First of all, I want to say big thank you to The Scene team that was helping me with my new look now. Especially to Jack and Elin, 고맙습니다 :P

A little starter about The Scene. The Scene is Korean beauty salon that bring authentic Korean hairstyle trend in Singapore. Why I said authentic? Because the owner and and the hairstylist are original from Korea (Korean) that understand about Korean wave trend and they bring it here to Singapore. As all of us know it already that everything about Korea is in trend right now, from K-drama, K-Pop, Korean fashion, Korean beauty and ofcourse with they hairstyle.

Photo by: The Scene at Raffles City
I been welcomed well by Jack following by Elin as my hairstylist. They all are so nice and I really get warm welcome by them. Elin did her job very well and I look cute as the result (I had a lot of compliments that saying I really looked cute in elegant way and my boyfriend said my hair still smell  good and he loved to touch it :D ). As well I had nice conversation with Jack  during my hair done.
The new hair style. Yeayyy!!! :D
What I had from them:
  1. Hair cut styled by Elin
  2. Digital perm with nice and natural Korean style
  3. Hair treatment 

To be honest, I did expect that this hair style can give me 귀여운 look. So when I said need to feel thankful with their service (they really gave me good service, I am not joking) I do mean it :)

Jack, Me and Eline
Me and Eline
Obviously it's me :P
Get the look that I wasn't expect that will be turn as natural and also suitable with my face. So lucky to have them doing my hair. No more bad hair day for me I think hehehe...
Thank you so much again to The Scene at Raffles City.


252 North Bridge Road 
#03-21A Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179130
+65 6333 9613

So what do you think about my new look?

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