Saturday, November 28, 2015

OKDGG Korean Accessories - Review


Accessories take a big part to make our style in fashion industry. Small little stuff can give big different in our look. OKDGG once again impress me with their korean accessories quality, not only their high end design but how pretty the details on its.

My first look with silver as my collections. Well I do love wings and simplicity. That's why I chose these: 1 simple necklace with a pair of beautiful wings. The quality, details and design gave me confidence when I wearing it.

1. Wooping Necklace
2. Wing Earing

Gold will never die. Simple necklace is always win all style kind of outfit. Rings set will give nice touch up for sure. I can not stand any cross design. Either from rings or ear cuff. I think that can be my statement accessories :)

1. Happy Plenty Rings
2. Solar City Necklace details
3. Earing size 3mm
4. Judith Ear Cuff
Overall look
Over all,  I do love it. You get what you pay for. The design, quality and details are beautiful as what you have seen on their website. You will not regret to purchase them. I always impress how good their products that I got from OKDGG 
FYI: they are very helpful too when I have requested something and they gave me solution as well. Very good service :) Thank you very much!

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Happy Shopping!

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