Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Scheming Black Mask - Review + Swatch


Do you ever have a problem about your black head or white head? I know it is very irritating and doesn't make your skin looks healthy at all. I have tried this product which very famous in Taiwan (currently sold out everywhere, esp. in Taiwan itself). This product called Black Mask from Scheming brand which originally made in Taiwan.

Once you un-boxed the packaging, you will see these 3 bottles which each bottles require the steps.

How to use?

Step 1:
After facial cleansing you face, apply the first bottle into small amount with gentle massage to desire skin area. Wait for awhile before you do the step 2.

Step 2:
Apply with appropriate amount on skin area  using solution 1 to create  a thick layer of mask covering skin and pores entirely. Wait till it becomes dry and tear off the layer gently from face. 
wait till it becomes dry
Step 3:
Apply solution 3 on face with gently pats to effectively minimize skin pores for healthier looking skin.
result after I tear it off
From the picture above that you can see a little bit of white head that stick on the mask. Not so obvious, because maybe I don't have that big blackhead or whitehead. It looks so obvious on my friend father's nose result. 
If you think that you need to get rid off from this problem, I suggest you to try this product and you will not regret.

So far, I really like this products. After using this mask, I feel my skin become smoother on the surface and looks healthier. Especially once I put on light makeup, my makeup just gave me fresh dewy look instead of cakey thick powder feel.

Do let me know if you interested to try this product. My friend has stock to sell too with only $15.90

What do you think?

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