Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Korean Fashion feat. OKDGG with Mollyna


Since I have decided to take a break from work so I resigned from the company that taught me a lot of things regarding my school subject as my main job. I am going back to my hometown at Indonesia for good. It is hard for me because Singapore is already become my 2nd home and my friends over here are my 2nd family since I am far away from home.

Time to rest from all the stress. So I might need to change a little bit on my wardrobe later. Something simple and basic. OKDGG once again give me this opportunities to show my fashion concept.  

FYI that I am an Interior Designer. In Singapore market of house or cafe renovation, Scandinavian now is in trend. It is also applicable into fashion which clean, simplicity, minimalistic and still chic. 
From this Korean Fashion brand - Mollyna, I have to say very easy for me to choose from top to bottom and include the accessories.

I have 2 simple look with different feel.

1st Look

2nd Look

Material wise very comfortable to wear even on hot weather, very light and I can say very good quality. I am really impressed with the quality of fabric and detail finishing :)

This fashion online shopping is very recommended to you who love simple Korean or Scandinavian style. It is very outgoing for street chic style. Less is More!

I hope this will be useful for you who want to get do online shopping with minimalistic style.
Thank you so much OKDGG and Mollyna.

Thank you for reading.
Have a great day!

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