Saturday, September 5, 2015

JORD Watch - Review


I have good news from JORD Watch. Something new, different and innovative. Why I said so? Because JORD watch bring natural wood into fashion that I never seen any brand or company has it yet. 

I choose Delmar Blue:

I love how nice and simple the packaging is. I love craft wood, such an expensive look to me (sorry I am on design line which I appreciate something towards nature and art).

I chose this Delmar Blue because I prefer man's watch which has bigger size that suit me very well. I like how light this watch and still give me trendy look. Watch is my a must accessories for my daily style, no matter where I go and what ever I do. Watch is my second layer skin I think hehehe...

Who said that luxury looking always can be achieved from metal accessories? Wood also can still give the same look but different feel, especially if it's come into fashion that modern fashion allow you to be yourself, brave and different. Unique is my fashion.

Thank you Jord Watch for this opportunities. I am so happy how it turns so nicely and literally suit me very well. 

Do let me know what is opinion about this. Feel free to share and comment :)

Ladies Wood Watch

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