Friday, July 3, 2015

Luxola X Clinique - Review + Swatches


Luxola represent Clinique's 3-Steps Skin Care Regime Set and new launch of Clinique Pop range.

I know a lot of you already know about Clinique brand. I ever tried this brand back then and did a well job for my skin. Now I am back with this brand again.

For skin care, they always come along with sisters that can help to complete each others :) 
Come into their 3-steps which are cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser. Basically my skin is combination. So here are my Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care Regime Set

From left to right:
cleanser - exfoliator - moisturiser
♥ Step 1 : Cleanser
What I feel about this cleanser? There is no bubble of foam which means is good because if your facial wash has bubble, most probably the product use chemical that is not good for our skin since it similar chemical with detergent. Price is around SGD 35.

♥ Step 2 : Exfoliator
I think easy to compare if we know it as a toner. The good thing from this exfoliator that I really love it is not make my skin feels dry at all. Price is around SGD 39.

♥ Step 3 : Moisteriser
It's really moisturise my skin very well, especially at night while I am sleeping because I sleep with air conditioner that can dry my skin very easily. Price is around SGD 60.

Having a problem with dark spot like mine? Here is the solution to treat it and reduce it. As per what we know that not to get it worse, we need to wear sunblock everyday especially day time. Higher SPF is really a better defense. Clinique dark spot defense bring SPF 45/PA++++ with sheer finish. Sheer finish can give a healthy look for your skin (that's why Korean makeup always goes for dewy and sheer finish). What I love from this product? It's not sticky at all, because the higher SPF always give my skin very sticky feel. So uncomfortable with that.

Left: with Clinique dark spot defense
Right: without anything
Our face is like white canvas that we need to take care of it. But if white canvas without any colours, it will be boring too right? Here are my favorite: lipstick and blush hehehe

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer

Left: Beige Pop #04
Right: Fab Pop #12
Clinique Pop Lip Colour is a rich colour lipstick + smotthing primer in one. Retail proce SGD 33 for 3.9 gram and it's available  in 13 shades. Well I do love my 2 beautiful colours though :)
What I feel about this lip colour?
1. Colour not easy to get fade
2. Sheer finish which is so moisturising into my lips
3. Texture is very smooth

Clinique Cheek Pop / Blush Pop

Clinique is surprising me for their blush. This is my first time to try their blush. Surprisingly, it's very pretty. More towards cream blush rather than powder blush, that's why very long lasting compare to powder blush.

Clinique Cheek Pop / Blush Pop in Rosy Pop #13
Not only that, the colour never change after you apply to skin. You can see from the swatch that I did (picture above). This colour is my daily cheek for sure. 

♥ Good new for you all 
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So what are you waiting for?

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