Friday, June 26, 2015

Experience the sounds of luxury with JBL, Harman Kardon and AKG


If you are a person that couldn't live without listening music every single day, then you should know this 3 brands that I would love to share with you all. Yes they are JBL, Harman Kardon and AKG. This 3 brands are under Harman company. Harman company also bring more brands to work with them, such as Infinity, Lexicon, Mark Levinson and Revel. I would love to share about their products.

Probably most of you already heard about this brand if you are into speaker or earphone.The JBL name has been around with the precise, naturally articulated sound founf in many of the world's most prestigious locations, including clubs, cinemas and recording studios, and live-music reinforcement in venues ranging from concert halls to outdoor stadiums.
Let's specify to their introduction popular products!
Charge 2+, Flip 3 and Clip Plus

JBL Pulse 2
Their popular products on speaker range are:
1. Clip Plus
  • Very handy and easy to bring everywhere you want. Comes with clip design with carabiner for example: clip into your backpack while doing hiking, so you still can enjoy your music too. 
2. Flip 3
  • Very light and also quite handy to bring or put on your bag. Water resistance so it's safe for outdoor use.
3. Charge 2+
  • Not only have functional as speaker but also can charge your phone or tablets. Safe for outdoor use and don't have to worry if you accidentally drop it.
4. Pulse 2
  • Want to have fun with LED lights while listening music? Here is your soulmate then.
5. JBL Extreme
  • Extreme is big brother from Charge 2+ with better sounds yet not losing their functions. Of course this has the same benefits with other brothers like water resistance and chargeable to your mobile or tablets.
6. JBL Horizon
JBL Charge 2+
The design base on functional as per what customer needs. Their concept more into fun and stylish for your daily funky lifestyle. If you are this kind of personality then JBL is your soulmate for sure :)
From my own opinion, this brand quality is pretty good for outdoor small party and outgoing lifestyle. Not only because of their colour of choices to present the fun and outgoing, as well how they think about easy to use and you don't have to worry if getting into water splash or scratches. The exterior design of this product totally well thought to protect the product. With the price that they offer, this products is totally worthy and yet the quality for portable speaker is competitive with other brands (actually even cheaper).

♥ Harman Kardon

This brand design concept is more into exclusive high-end design, with clean cut line and luxury.  I have tried their headphone that they given to me. I totally surprise with the packaging and design, of course the quality of their headphone didn't make me disappointed.  

This elegant design totally catch me into my eyes and heart. I can't stop listening my favorite musics everyday :) The sounds that produced by this headphone is really very clear. Clarity and the bass that I want it is on this product.

This is my favorite. I have tried this and to know their quality is totally makes me want to have this so badly. The sounds is truly amazing. That's why they name this headphone with reflection of technical audio visual system code. Simply can tell that this product is the most accurate sounding headphone in the world.
The sound stage effect is so perfect. The cushion and ear cup part of the best design for your comfort ear while listening your music.
Not only that, this headphone design is more to contemporary style with elegant feel. You can tell from the material that this brand using it. Even though it comes with 2 design which one in black and one in gold (picture bellow). I still prefer this elegant gold. Pssstttt I know I am a monochrome person and basically I am a black kind of colour personality. But this time, I can't say "NO" to their elegant gold :D

More details on each of the 3 brands are available on their Facebook pages:

Harman Kardon :
AKG : 

Which one is your favorite?

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