Wednesday, May 20, 2015

MTG ReFa S Carat - Review


Beauty is no longer only about cosmetic and skin care products. With high technology from Japan, MTG (company brand) bring a luxury beauty ritual that can help to improve our skin from inside and can be seen into our skin. MTG has designed a tool that can compliment with any beauty and skin care products. Base on massage technique, this tool help our body circulation and stimulate whatever products that we use mean for our beauty skin.

This tool called ReFa and comes with different series:
1. ReFa Carat
2. ReFa 4 Carat
3. ReFa Pro
4. ReFa for Body
5. ReFa S Carat
6. ReFa O Style
7. ReFa I Style
8. ReFa Premium
9. ReFa Crystal

Now let's just talk about ReFa S Carat

ReFa S Carat

ReFa S Carat is the latest device in the ReFa series the features a protable and sleek roller. Refa S Carat replicates the kneading motion which gently lifts the skin with a soft-touch pinpoint kneading sensation. It is ideal for use on delicate areas of the face such as around the eyes, forehead and cheeck to tighten facial muscles.

Regular use of ReFa S Carat can also help to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles, helping to relieve fatigue and improve skin elasticity.

ReFa S Carat is platinum coated and also water resistant, but not water proof. It's easy to clean even with alcohol. Very handy and light, so is very easy to bring it everywhere and suitable size for purse.

First time that I tried this, I feel so comfortable. It's more like massage tool for me. Surprisingly this is very light and easy to use, even is manual instruction. This design is mean for face that help to contour our face.

ReFa S Carat is about SGD219.00 (special price). 

How to get it?
It's available online at or at the following retailers:

Takashimaya Department Store
391 Orchard Road Level B1
Ngee Ann City

Do you think this product is worth for SGD 219.00?
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