Sunday, February 1, 2015

ESTETICA Spa Thermal Eye Mask - Review


When I received this Estetica Eye Kit and lavender Eye Mask, I really so happy. Estetica Eye Kit are  Estetica's est.lab Optimal Lift A and Multi-Repair Eye Essence that are lovely to use.

Lavender Eye Mask:

This Eye Mask comes with charger. Basically this mask warming your eyes while you are resting or sleep. The heat pretty warm enough for me, and it doesn't hurt my skin or eyes at all. In the morning I wake up just feel fresh with no swollen eye bag. Currently loving this product so far and been using it everyday for sure. Because it is so comfortable and relaxing. I have a better sleep with this product.

Optimalift A+ Eye Cream Anti-Wrinkle & Eye Essence Multi-Repair:
Perfect combination that I need the most for my eyes. What I love about these 2 products?
1. Creamy
2. Not sticky at all
3. Fast absorption
4. Pump bottle is easy to use and more hygienic

Thank you for reading!

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