Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Your Tea in 14days Tiny Tea Teatox - Review


I am a tea person. I love the smells and the taste of any kind of tea. And lucky me that YOUR TEA give me opportunities to try their product. 

Let me introduce you who are they?
Like me, they are tea lovers, tea drinkers and tea aficionados. For years, they have been creating their own tea combinations for personal consumption - with benefits! They found that their blends assisted weight loss, digestion, energy levels and relaxation.
With a myriad of tea 'types' out there, it's almost impossible for the common tea drinker to know what is to sip on (agree with this statement), when and why! So they decided to share their secret blends with us... and thus "Your Tea" was born. (wohooo lucky us!!!)
From what they claim, that all of their unique tea blends are derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine principle. They've made it simple for us to be kind to our body after all, we only have the one...

How I do love this tea?
With each sip that will help to reduce bloating, remove toxins, improve energy levels and nudge away any surplus weight.

Before I forget, I also received cute Mexican Sugar Mug :D
Go and check out their website, because they have a lot of types of tea that you might love it too for sure.

Honestly, I am now on bloating and not on good condition. Tried a lot of medication for almost a week but not much improvement. But even I just took the first cup, I feel better. I think because I always have not enough sleep and yet work till so late. I am so glad to have an opportunities to try this and make me finds my love over tea :)
I can't wait till to finish it. First time I got it on my hand while I am at office and doing Over Time, quickly open it up and try it. My first cup never been this relax over doing OT at office :) I feel like want to drink more for each day lol

Don't forget to check on their
website     : www.yourtea.com
instagram  : @yourtea and @tinyteatox
twitter      : @tinyteatox

I hope you have a great mood with Teatox from Your Tea :)
Because I do now!

Thank you for reading!

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