Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Korean Fashion feat. OKDGG


I understand that Korean fashion is become more and more popular now days. Because the simplicity and chic design that they bring in are just good in the market, especially for teenagers. Well I am not that big fan of Korean but I do agree that Korean fashion and their quality that I need to consider it well since pretty good for sure :)

That's why I want to introduce you one of Korean fashion shop that you want to take a look for sure. Internet online shopping is always one of my favorite and OKDGG is one of it :) 
Basically now we have access to shop specialist into Korean fashion.

What is OKDGG ?
DGG (Delivery Guarantee Global)service provides global post service through the network of Malltail. We safely handle and deliver your order from South Korea and also support customer satisfaction for your international delivery. – Taken from the FB page.
So basically, OKDGG stands for OK, Delivery Guranteed Globally from South Korea!

OKDGG is shopping website for clothing sales of various South Korean, as Korean fashion open market.

There's so many things they have, from fashion to Korean beauty as well. You need to prepare your bank account by the way hahaha...
Okay I already have something on my mind. This time I will go for their bags.
I choose my bags selections under COPI brand.

Here are my 3 selections:
1. K48002

2. T-7652

3. K18314

OOTD when I was in Malaysia for Pole Workshop :)

I am quite happy with the quality that they give. And price range around 19.06 - 230.24 USD. It's totally depends from the quality it self. All those bags that I ordered was about 20 - 55 USD and it's free shipping :)

I will show you my #OOTD with these bags soon. So, stay tune on my blog and instagram okay? :)

So, what do you think? I hope you enjoy your shopping at OKDGG and COPI

Thank you for reading!

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