Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Automatic Beauty - Review


Another trick for you to have big eyes dream! Automatic Beauty bring their Eye Tape to help us achieve our big eyes dream :D

AB in Natural Eye Tape and Single Eye Tape 

It comes with 2 different types:
1. Natural Eyes Tape (AB-KL)
2. Single Eyes Tape (AB-IJ)

Natural Eye Tape
Natural double eyelid with unnoticeable natural beige colour tape. Natural beige colour blends with skin tone. Quick peel and stick. Looks natural even with makeup. Super thin tape is soft and comfortable to wear.

Single Eyes Tape
Firm hold, deep crease line. Translucent tape blends with natural skin tone. Quick peel and stick, Readjustable with superior adhesion. Long lasting double eyelid.

It's so easy to use like normal eye tape but it more comfortable compare to normal eye tape.

So, no more trouble to get big eyes dream with double eyelid tape from Automatic Beauty (AB).

Thank you for reading!

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