Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Amazing ME on 2014 and more Awesome for 2015


Today is the last day for 2014 and We all (almost to all the countries) will say HELLO 2015.
I just want to share my amazing life all along 2014 that I already achieve and improve. Resolution 2014 is completed? No! Hahaha but still on progress. Nothing to stop me to be AWESOME myself :P
I have been through a lot of things all a long 2014, bad and good things, sad, disappointment, be strong, and I am a fighter my self now to improve to be a better person for myself to be happy. 

First of all, what kind of achievement that i made this far? I started all of these from ZERO, with no basic and good foundation. Obviously with hard-work, pain, sweat, and tears inside my heart when I failed.

1. Rock Climbing
Photo credit: Panji fotografia
Location: Class 5, Surabaya - Indonesia

As a climber, sure all of us know how fun and depress for getting those level and movement to finish those routes. Last year I was a super newbie. Not even can climb level 6A properly. Got injured very badly until I need to rest for more than 3-4 months and I still come back with injury (because I hate it when I can't do something that I like or want to do). I pushed myself with disappointment of myself, sad feeling, super down, and struggle a lot. But hey, I made it. Those sweat are my eyes that made me until this far. Climbing is fun for sure.

Most of the guys, please don't complain so much about my very rough hands, kay? I know that and you all always keep saying how rough my hands as a woman compare to you all. #onlyclimberscanunderstand LOL
Location: Climb Central - Singapore

Location: Climb Central - Singapore
2. Pole Dance - Follow me on pole instagram life if you want more update about it (POLELUNATICA)
Trick: Russian Splits
Location: Studio Sands - Singapore

You all mostly know how much I love pole dance. I train my self so hard on this fitness. I ever joined ballet and yoga just because I want to get more flexibility and strength on my body.
Please don't complain and ask again about all my bruises and scars. I don't care about it. I even have stitches on my chin lol. "NO PAIN NO GAIN!"

Latest progress of my back bend
Location: Bobbi's Pole Studio Singapore
With what ever I train and exercise, its really improve to my body shape. Well train! I might always complain about my body shape, because I still haven't achieve the shape that I want ( I mean six-pack).
After my side splits, this year I get my middle splits as my unlocked achievement.
Side Splits
Location: Marina Bay Sands - Singapore
Middle Splits
Location: Climb Central - Singapore
Not only that. I have progression on my handstand. Not very good yet but better than last year. Last year I even can't do it though hahaha
Location: Manila - Philippine
What I can describe about my pole life?
Location: Studio Sands - Singapore

3. Beauty and Fashion

And of course I still on my passion through fashion and beauty. It's not because I want to be prettier than other girls. But more like I love to do something pretty challenging for me.

Photo credit: Teban from Asian Impressions

Thank you so much to all those people who always encourage me when I am down and up, stay with me when I am sad and happy. I really do appreciate it. My life with "NO REGRET" for sure. Glad I make it this far :)

Before I end of this 2014 blogging:


Have a great New Year Eve everyone!

Welcome 2015

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