Monday, November 10, 2014

LJH Probiotics Sleeping Cream - Review + Swatches


I need something to keep my skin hydrated and looks fresh in the next morning when I woke up. Because I always have not enough sleep and it's effect my skin become dull and un-healthy ;(
But now I have a chance to try Probiotics from LJH. LJH is Korean brand that quite having a big name at Korea itself.

If vitamins isn't helping, probiotics does.

This water-gel sleeping cream not only provides hydration, anti-aging function. It is created to balance sebum and minimize pores too. Main ingredient, Seamat is highly effective in removing excess sebum, controls the secretion of sebum at night and fermented Bifidus helps to tighten the pores. Acai Berry protects skin against various environmental harms while Adenosine helps skin to have better elasticity, providing anti-aging / anti-wrinkle benefits.

Comes with box and this container is kind of polymer material. So pretty light for sure.

It has soft texture with more water base to keep our skin still hydrated when we are sleeping. A little bit sticky, I think is because of the gel base as well. After I tried it for only 1 night. It was amazingly fresh look that I get.

Size + Price
This is a full size with 50ml / 1.69 FL OZ. Price is about SGD 60. Where to get? You can get it online here.

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