Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Digital Fashion Week Singapore 2014


I had so much fun on Digital Fashion Week. I meet a lot of awesome people over there. 
The show was so over whelming for sure. Totally enjoyed and still can't believe my self not to feel so happy for the show :) 

Day 1:

Thank you so much to my friend Linda and The Body Shop for the tickets that given to me :) 
Also In Good Company of course :)

Day 1:
  • IN GOOD COMPANY CAPSULE 5 presented by The Body Shop
Me and Lindsay
Lovely Jemimah and Andrea from That F Word
( my favorite Singapore Fashion Youtuber )
Gorgeous Amanda ( Miss ASEAN 2013 )
and I super love her dress :D
Beautiful Jenn
Stunning Willabelle in her lovely red dress
Beautiful Bao Bao from China 
Of course most of you who love fashion will know them better right? Hehehe...
Not only can meet these people, but also In Good Company was successfully with their show. I like how the design and clean cut on their clothes.
And the best moment from the their show was the kid models came out, that was so cute and adorable for sure :)

Day 3:  

I had an awesome day worked together with Clozette team and GlamAsia Editor. I had makeover sponsored by The Body Shop and Cleo Hair.

Makeup makeover sponsored by The Body Shop
My looks for the show :)
Besides of that, I had a great chance to sit on first row and yes I had a pass for backstage as well ( I feel so VVIP like insiders hehe... )

Sure you know who sat just in front of me right? :D
Sat at first row
Can you spot famous people from here ? :D
at Backstage with the models
  • BIFW 2014 THAI DESIGNER COLLECTIVE presented by Siam Paragon
The design was so interesting with their chic and traditional details on it. Was so lovely with very straight forward cutting.

I love her basic with colour straight lines futuristic look. Especially with Pop Bodysuits and Vest Detachable Pleats. I feel in love with that one, that's  my favorite design from her show :)
Anyway, her design is very clean cut with basic colour and colour block for this spring summer 2015 with beautiful little details on it that makes it so beautiful itself.

Thank you again to Clozette, GlamAsia, The Body Shop, Cleo Hair and of course to Pauline Ning
What I can tell you, I LOVE DEPRESSION show. Why? Because it was part of my style. Black, edgy, dark, fierce, empty, cool, yet stunning. 
For this time, they bring DEMONS into their themes. I love the style and for sure I was keep eyeing the dragon cages hehe.
With the designers and my friend Ena

I still can not stop my self to not take the pictures with these 2 lovely ladies :D
Again with Amanda ( Miss ASEAN 2013 ) 

Ahhh love Jemimah

All of them are very kind, lovely and super down to earth. They are really super nice in person :)
Fame not always change people because of their personality meant to be the real star :D

If you were there as well, feel free to share with me. I would love to hear your story too.
I hope you all enjoy reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day as what I had :)
Feel free to comment or ask me.

For more information, you can check on their website or facebook

Have a nice day ! :)

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