Tuesday, October 21, 2014

LJH Smart Power Cream - Review + Swatches


If you have a very dry kind of skin problem. I find my little secret for you to share that keeps my skin keep hydrate before I start my day: SMART POWER CREAM from LJH

1 set (1 box) has 3 tube inside, and for each tube size about 15ml. Each tube is not a plastic material but more like metal zinc I assume.

I love how smooth and soft it is. Also super moisturizing and give a glow finish looks on my skin. Not sticky at all and rich with water base. This cream is a power. I totally love this cream a lot.

I do love how this cream moisturize my skin and have shiny healthy effect. Yet really improve my elasticity of my skin a lot.

Price + Size
1 box has 3 tubes of it which each tube size about 15ml, and 1 box is about SGD 80

Hope you enjoy my review! :)

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