Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Unboxing HERFASHIONBOX - Ladies Journal


Sorry for the late post for this one. I got his box since 2 weeks ago. You can check back into my instagram :) And I really happy received this box for sure. Thank you

What is inside?

Herfashionbox is not only bring fashion stuff but also beauty which are perfect to complete your style :) Thank you for sending it over from Australia to Singapore. Oh yeah they ship internationally for sure :D

♥ Scarf
I really love this red scarf even in Singapore always into a humid weather but this is so pretty hehe I can wear it when I go overseas or just on raining seasons over here.

♥ Watch
Where is the watch picture? Sorry love, I am wearing it almost every single day. But I love the simplicity of the watch which is really match for most of my outfit. Hehe

♥ Ulta3 in "pretty nude" shade


With very simple packaging which more like crayon for me. Pretty handy to hold and comfortable also.


I love how smooth and soft the texture, with a little glossy finish is really perfect to give a fresh look on you face, especially for my morning routine hahaha This is super pretty colour in nude shade, I really love it so much. It give you moist on your lips so it won't be so dry because we need something healthy look right? :D

♥ Coconut Revolution Lip Balm

As per what we know that coconut oil is a good and highly with the moisturize our skin and perfect for very dry skin. So I really love this balm with highly moisturize since I have super dry lips on me ;( But it is really helps my dry lips Yeayyy!!! FYI: It made with cold pressed virgin coconut oil.

♥ Revitanail Nail Strengthener

I am not that sure if is really works or not, but my first impression about it was so fast dry and also very smooth with glossy finish. Totally save my time hehe It says need to apply 2 coats then one coat daily for the next 5 days. On the 7th day remove with nail polish remover. Repeat the process 3 times. And suitable for natural nail ONLY (obviously and logically )

♥ Appelles Apothecary

This is a pure vegetable soap bar with Australian essential oils blue mallee eucalytus, niaouli, rosemary & lemon myrtle.

I love how good the herbal smells ( base on my own perception ) because I can feel how natural the ingredients inside. I totally love everything with natural smells actually. Feels so good with that hahaha

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