Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pole Photoshoot with ASIAN IMPRESSIONS Part 2


This is our first time to collaborate about pole photoshoot. I had so much fun too as usual for sure :)
Nothing fancy about my tricks because I need to save my energy for my Bobbi's Affaire 2014 just the day after this photoshoot :)

I post my pole life on Instagram called POLELUNATICA
I also have the blog too

We did 3 kinds of concept for pole photoshoot.

First: My Edgy Black

Lingerie is from Hopeless Lingerie
Bikini Short is from H&M
Shoes are from Pleaser USA

Second: Red Riding Hood 

Lingerie is from Bad Kitty USA
Bikini Short is from H&M
Tutu is from Bugis Village Shop
Shoes are from Pleaser USA

Third: Pole Street 

Top is from H&M
Lingerie is from Hopeless Lingerie
Legging is from H&M
Necklace is from Forever21
Bracelet is from Lovisa Jewellery
Watch is from HerFashionBox

Photographer: Teban ( Asian Impressions Photography )
MUA: Fenny Yolanda
Location: Studio ( Groove Dance Studio Singapore ), Street ( Fort Caning Park, Singapore )

Pole is just not about striptease, sexy, over expose of your body or any negative things. I have learnt a lot about it. Which makes me appreciate my own body, getting stronger, and yet give me more confidence.
Even a lot of people says that pole dancer looks so hot and sexy because we already build our own confidence about ourself. When you love your self, you will feel happy. When you feel happy, you have your own confidence. When you confidence about yourself, you will spread it to the others.
We all work so hard to achieve something. We didn't judge! :)

Hope you all have fun and love what you love to do :) Because that's the important thing in our life! Don't you think so? :) 

Thank You for Reading!

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