Wednesday, July 16, 2014

TOKYO LUXEY Meet Up @ Singapore


Have you heard about +TOKYO LUXEY before? I got invited to join their meet up on 14th of July 2014 for their Dinner at +PS.Cafe . 
So I introduce you what is Tokyo Luxey. Tokyo Luxey is a community that supplies Japanese-made beauty and lifestyle-related information and products of genuine high quality. And now the come to Singapore to give us a shortcut to get our lovely Japan beauty brand in Singapore. Yeayyyy.... ;)

It was such a lovely meet up and of course I met some new friends again. What a fun evening :)
Really glad that I can attended and thank you so much to 2 beautiful lady; Ms. Hiromi Hanado ( Marketing Director of Tokyo Luxey ) and Ms. Chie Maeda (Managing Director of Tokyo Luxey ).

It was not only just a normal meet up. We had bunch of things to talk about and always end up with laughter. Those pretty ladies over there are such sweet heart. How interesting the products until everyone so curiously and listen it very carefully. Ladies, of course all want to be as pretty as we can. That's why we care so much about how good the quality of the product that we are going to put on our skin. Am I right? :)

I really glad that Tokyo Luxey brings those Japan brands to Singapore for us, so will be easier to get and happily take our lovely one.

Actually I know some of Japan brand such Dolly Wink from Koji, and Fairy Drops. Over there I know more about the quality and how good are Japan products with their natural ingredients so won't harmful into our skin. 

Yes, all these beauty become our "machine gun" on our dinner table hahaha... I love how good their products actually. Especially their moisturizer is my favorite. Because I really need something that can hydrate my skin with glowing fresh finish instead of oily looking.

I was such a bad ass because I need to leave early ;( but they are still so nice that purposely help me to serve the food on my table before I leaved. I really appreciate that even I never expect anything like that hehe 
And the food was so nice. I never regret about that and sure wanna come back again to try another foods.
They also give us some goodies to try. Wueeeeee.... :D

What I get on me?
  Albion - Skin Conditioner Face Mask
  Albion - Eclafutur
  24h Cosme - Compact Powder no.03
  Fleur de Mer - Creme Essentielle
  Make it & co. - Face & Body Wash oil
  Make it & co. - Moisturizer Cream

Since I already mentioned you all that I met new friends over there. Yeah I met these crazy girls; Janice , Michelle, Felicia and Zelene

Once again, I feel so sorry need to leave early because I had workshop on that night but from the bottom of my heard, I really glad met you all. That event was a nice one for me. Can not wait for the next meeting for sure :)

Here are some more pictures but was not me who taken these hehe


PS. Cafe
28B Harding Rd, Singapore 249549
Tlp: +65 9070 8782

Special thanks to:
Tokyo Luxey

Thank you for reading!

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  1. looks so much fun! I have never heard any of the products you mentioned. thank you for sharing this!



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