Monday, July 7, 2014

Star Lash Perfect Touch Eyeliner - Review + Swatch


Have you heard about Star Lash before? I know that some of you already tried this before. I got this from Beauty Direct that comes with a love letter from Camy and Chacott Professional cosmetics :)
Star Lash is a local Singapore brand owned by BeautyDirect.

It is just a normal packaging like the other brands normally. Black packaging with their brand on it. The brush tip size is normal, but personally I don't really feel the brush is that nice because sometimes I can see a little clumpy thing at the end of the tip. But overall, is okay to use it on me. 

I find it that is smudging easily after awhile on my activity. It is suppose to be waterproof and it is but don't rub it so hard. I think it because my eyes too oily haha. 
The brush tip is nice and good to use but the ink is a little blurry as what you can see here (picture below) that it spread out easily.
The good thing from this product is fast to get dry. So you don't have to worry and wait for quite long to wait it dry or maybe try too air it :) And also the colour is pretty dark and black enough.
Over all, this is not a bad product for sure.

The price is about 18.90 SGD and you can find it at some store in Singapore or go online direct to BeautyDirect

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  1. This is my first time heard a brand named Star Lash :O
    Too bad it's not smudgeproof! >_<

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  2. Yeah this is local brand from Singapore.
    Not bad actually but I wish they are really working on the new formula :)



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