Sunday, July 20, 2014

Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store Experience


This is the good place to chill out, especially on the hot day hahaha... Totally pleasure for me since I love chocolate and ice cream a lot. Yes I am! ( Proud to announce hahaha )

I like the view from here because is facing Marina Bay Sands. Totally a nice view to chill out. What a lovely day that I felt :)

You can order with your own customize topping inside but I give myself try for something nice on the menu.
1. Magnum Fondue For Two
2. Silver Jubilee  

There's a lot of variation type of ice cream that you can try, even their drinks also come with ice cream inside yummm... And the unique thing is they also have finger foods and pasta too :)

"Magnum Fondue For Two"
Magnum Fondue For Two
Warm chocolate fondue, fresh strawberries with gold flakes, kiwi, banana, marshmallows, sponge fingers, and two Magnums.

Price: 25 SGD
"Silver Jubilee"

Magnum with their Silver Jubilee for their 25 years birthday celebration as per what you know. It's a new dessert menu item at our Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store, created with our new Magnum limited edition Marc de Champange flavour.

Silver Jubilee
Celebrate with luxurious cheese cake and crispy waffles perfectly combine with MAGNUM Limited Edition with Marc de Champange and topped with refreshing osmanthus sauce.

Price: 19 SGD

Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store
Customs House Terrace,
70 Collyer Quay Raffles Place
Singapore 049323

It is open from 12-10.30pm daily until July 22 (too bad it will so fast)

For updates on the next location of the Magnum Bar, visit Magnum’s facebook page at

If you haven't tried yet, you must give your self pleasure for this to try out.

Don't forget to have a little bit fun game on the side of their cafe! :)

I had so much fun with it and I will love to come back and try the others menu or maybe will customize my own ice cream :)

Thank You for Reading!

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