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Li Bingbing Makeup Inspired with Charee Lashes no 1313 - Review


As per request. Someone suggested me to do Li Bingbing makeup from Transformer 4 movie. So yeah, "Challenge accepted!" Hahaha

Li Bingbing has very straight eyebrows, smokey eyes with thick eyelashes and dark red lips.

I have no idea why my red lips didn't look as dark as reality on my camera ;( I know that my lips become not as bold as suppose to be. So sad with my own failed. I tried to combine 2 kind of lipstick to achieve the red colour. It was pretty dark but not as red as Li Bingbing. Pardon me because I don't have the same colour hehe. 1 more thing that you need to really remember that she did her lips very sharp, and that's why I did the same way.

Tips to achieve this look:
  1. Straight eye brows, try to achieve as straight as possible with 1 colour tone brighter than your hair colour.
  2. Smokey eyes. How? You just need to use black eyeshadow with half moon shape on your eyelid until your eye socket area. After that blend it with brown colour to blend over the harsh shape.
  3. Use white or any bright colour for your waterline eyes and use the same black eyeshadow under your waterliner.
  4. Black Eyeliner with a little bit wings on your eyelid.
  5. Fake lashes with fuller looks.
  6. Sharp shape for your lips (better to use lip brush to achieve very sharp shape, especially on cupid bows) with dark red colour.
  7. Since her face is more kind of sunkiss look on her cheek bones, use a little bit bronzer on cheek bones.

Here are the products that I used to achieve this look:

   Marc Jacobs - Foundation in Bisque Light no.22
  Chacott for Professionals - Loose SettingPowder
   Burberry - Summer Glow no.04
   Nars - Luxor
   Cle de Peau - Concealer in Ivory

   Tom Ford - Brow Sculpture in Chestnut no.03
   Marc Jacobs -  no.208 The Vamp Eye Palette (black as base and brown as blending shadow)
   Star Lash - Eyeliner in Black
   Tony Moly - Mascara in Black
   Etude - Styling Eye liner in  White no.02
   Charee - Fake Eyelashes no.1313

   Burberry - Lips Cover in Rosewood no.04
   VDL - Festival Lipstick in Love Mark no.508

Talk about Charee Lashes now. Charee Lashes are Natural Human Hair and Anti-Cruelty Synthetic Faux Lashes. Charee lashes born in early 2014 and finally ready to embark the beauty journey together with the beauty lover around the world. Do you know that actually Charee Lashes made in Indonesia? this brand are carefully curated with our lash master to give the best of both important point; look and comfort.
Launching the very first 10 favourite models, Charee lashes is suitable for everybody! Be it the natural look for daily use, glamorous for the girls night out or even to a romantic date with your loved one.Using only the best of synthetic fiber and the clean and natural human hair, making Charee lashes one of the most comfortable lashes to be.

Elegant in brown colour with simple minimalis design. The packaging is just classy for me :)
When you open inside, it comes with glue for your lashes. So, you don't have to worry about forgetting your lashes glue when you are on traveling and bring your eyelashes along with you hehe

Eye lashes it self just looks so natural and very nice design. But the bones are a bit hard and still flexible to bend. The good point from hard bone is nice to shape your eyes even better to get the look that you want to achieve.

I pretty like how Charee brings along the concept of their product. It pretty easy maintain and easy to use. Plus one is free glue which I really love how good their glue and really stick very nicely. You don't have to worry about the quality of their glue. Confirm very good! Hahaha
Their lashes are re-usable if you take it care nicely :)

Detail of the product
Colour: Black & Brown
Hair Texture: Synthetic

Price: SGD 7.99 include glue

You can purchase it at

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