Sunday, July 20, 2014

Evangelist Nobuto BB Cream in Ocre No.1 - Review + Swatches


Another BB Cream for you all to know. I got the sample from Tokyo Luxey Meet Up. A lot people love to wear BB cream because most of BB cream are pretty have nice coverage, but most of the time I find it is so sticky and cakey for me. Not a big fan of BB Cream or Foundation actually. I like to feel that I have light makeup or maybe didn't look putting makeup on me.

With BB Cream from Evangelist which is NO. 1 BB Cream in Japan, I feel different. Not like a normal BB Cream that most I find it in Singapore. If not to dry that will too oily ;( My skin type is already combination oily, and Singapore weather is so humid. But under layer of my skin is so dry because most of the products for oily skin type didn't give a nice ingredients to moisturize the skin in the same time.

I don't have to explain why people love to choose BB Cream instead of any other product to coverage their complexion since the most of reason is bb cream is not only for coverage but also taking care of your skin while you have makeup on day time. But is still difficult for me to prove it. 

It comes in white tube with silver accent, brings the elegant and princess look with the design. Typical of kawaii Lolita in Japan hehe I like this small size on it. The main box is really interesting and yet pretty for me to look out!
See the box on the left side for their cute and pretty packaging
I smell sweet liquid foundation, or maybe not really a smell on it but for sure there's fragrance free for every skin type so will no chemical to harm your skin :)

It has a smooth and soft texture and more liquids feels. I think because is more liquids to give our skin stay moisturize so it won't break out or makes your skin dry easily. I think this is a water base, correct me if I am wrong.

I like how glowing my skin after I blend it. Even this bb cream not a good thing for coverage, but I like how it moisturize my skin and makes my skin looks so fresh and youthful :) Good for natural finish. 
This is a very light finish even with SPF 31 / PA++, but you won't feel cakey at all.

Colour: Ocre No.1
Left: with BB Cream before blend in
Right: With BB Cream after blend in
I got my mini size on 8 gr / 0.28 oz. If I am no wrong that they also carry the full size in 30 gr.

Have you tried this product before? What bb cream is your favorite?

Thank you for reading!


  1. I love how Japan BB creams doesn't have a grey undertone. :3

  2. The packaging super pretty! <3 too bad the coverage is bad!

    Little Piece of Heaven

  3. Really nice glow on the skin test there and pretty great spf! I wonder if they have these in the Philippines? :)

  4. Yeah because they know better for asian skin tone :)


  5. Yeah very pretty packaging. I like just light coverage :) More natural looking for myself hehe


  6. They sell it overseas as well dear :) No need to worry about that



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