Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bath & Bodycare Wild Argan Oil by The Body Shop - Review


The Body Shop team are just such a super nice people, they sent me over these are new Wild Argan Oil range for me to try. I really love it.
Like what they said, this pampering range is really bring me to enjoy my own Hamman (spa) ritual at home. Why I do love these? As what you know that I am an active person with all my activities which makes me need to enjoy myself and give myself a little bit relax.

Introducing: The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Bath and Bodycare Range, made from precious Atlas Mountain wild argan nuts that have been hand-picked and carefully hand-cracked by the local Berber women of Morocco.

FYI: They are working with a new Community Fair Trade partner - the Tangerine Cooperative from Morocco to produce this precious Wild Argan ingredient.

Argan oil is produced in Morocco from argan trees, and The Body Shop uses Argan oil from the Fair Trade that comes from the Moroccan region called Seuss.

Their packaging design is more kind of golden colour, which is remind me of summer. Such a lovely feeling and relaxing :)

I love the smells, sweet and rich feeling on it. I am not sure about this but somehow I feel the smells kind of yummy hahaha

Here are what I got for these range:
1. Body Butter ( 200ml )
2. The Radiant Oil ( 125ml )
3. Rough Scrub ( 200ml )
4. Shower Gel ( 250ml )
5. Massage Soap ( 125ml )

1. Body Butter

This body butter is really nice. I have such a bad skin. Very dry and with this body butter is really helping my skin to keep hydrated. I also didn't feel sticky on my body from this product.

2. The Radiant Oil 

This Radiant Oil that you can use it for not for your body but also for your hair. I like the satin and glow looking on my skin. It makes my skin look healthy and radiant.

3. Rough Scrub 

This is one of my favorite. I crazy over with body scrubs, because I feel fresh after scrubbing from my long day with those activities, especially after working out. This is totally the best. The scrubs are very fine so won't hurt your skin. It's very gentle on my skin and since is so fine size, I feel really clean after scrubbing.

4. Shower Gel

Showering is my favorite because I can feel relax under warm water after my activities especially. With this shower gel that brings Wild Argan Oil as my shower ritual is the good feeling because this shower gel is not like the normal shower gel. This shower gel is not drying your skin after just nice you finished shower. I really feel this shower gel is really nourish my skin while showering and after showering as well.

5. Massage Soap

The massage soap is really nice, because there's a surface with big round shape pop-up which are so good feeling. Really like showering and massaging on the same time. My aching body is reducing after shower and is really helps for sure to relax my blood circulation while bathing.

Oh man! I really can shower more that my normal time now hahaha I totally enjoy my shower ritual more that before. You should give your self a try to know how good this product.
If you tried it before, let me know what do you think about it :)

Once again "Thank You the Body Shop!"

Thank You for Reading!

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