Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Interview with Porcelain Face Spa


Got interviewed by  Porcelain Face Spa was amazingly awesome. Featuring with them is just one of my happiness :) Why not? Their products are just that amazing one that I have ever try, the people also always so nice and kind to me. We maybe not always interact face to face as often. Where ever I came, none of them are not nice to me. They always keep greeting me by email or social media.
I really such a lucky girl hehe... With this article that they wrote about me, is so touching. Why? At least I have a chance to show how I do love people around me. 
I can share my what I love, and hopefully can help others to inspire them to be a better one.

Today I read another news, that another sweet girl get bullied by keep telling her that she is ugly, etc etc. It reminded me about my past. 
Girls, please! We can not make all people love us, let them be whatever they want to say about us. We can build our own happiness. Don't care about all of that! You know yourself better! I believe in KARMA and I know you all have your own beauty with your own way and the way you are. Is just other people different opinion about level of beauty but doesn't mean you are ugly to the others. "HATERS GONNA HATE!" 

Like the tittle from Porcelain Team said: "NEVER BE AFRAID TO BARE YOUR SOUL!"
Your beautiful personality will make you become a beautiful swan. Remember to love yourself. Don't let anyone screw your beautiful life!

I really thankful for Porcelain Team for this article. For me, this is not just a beautiful interview that we had. Not only sharing about my passion, but also share to be happy for what you love to do. As what you know, everything in this life is not easy. Beauty also need to work so hard to achieve that.

I really glad had this interview with Porcelain Team. Really happy can share and give another story to help each other. I love to make friends! 

Please, stay become your ownself and stand up for your own happiness! The only thing that I can ask for it from you all :)
Again, please remember to love yourself so you won't feel this haters anymore because your life is more valuable than listening those haters!

Here are the interview with them ❤️

To all my readers, friends, and family. I feel so thankful for everything that I have and what I had been through. Because of you all and everything that happened to me already made me become who I am now. I am not perfect and never be perfect. But I love my imperfection because all your love to me.

All pictures credit to ASIAN IMPRESSIONS

Thank you again to Porcelain Team for having me, I really love it :) Thank you for sharing. This is the most meaningful ever I had until now. 
You all totally are my inspiration.

Please check them out on their FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and BLOG.

Thank you for reading!

Have a nice day!

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