Tuesday, June 17, 2014

GlamPalm : Korea's No 1 Styler - Review


Do you know that I love to have an easy maintenance hair but still want to look gorgeous every single morning until evening? I do love to see my hair straight so it makes me looks fresh and tidy.
I just tried this hair straightener called GLAMPALM which is I love it so much.

Why? (according my own opinions)
  1. Very handy and light
  2. Not making my hair dry or damage, even without any hair protector
  3. Very fast to get the temperature within couple seconds, totally safe my time from waiting to be heated :P
  4. Easy to use
  5. More than 360° rotation of the cable, so I no need to worry about being tangles
  6. Comes with the cab for safety reason, I think (so it won't accidentally burn something especially your skin )
  7. Makes my hair looks shiny and still smooth
From their website, you can find it so many reasons why you need to try out this Hair Straightener Iron. One of it, because they use Healing Stone Technology™ which causes virtually no damage to our hair, even without heat protectors before and after the styling! So amazing right? Lucky me then because I already have this now hehehe :)

With 11 different temperature settings ranging from 100°C to 200°C, you can choose your desired temperature when styling! You can adjust it according to your preference or your hair type. Normally I always take 150°C to 160°C. Because my hair is kind of thin and super dry.
But when I used GlamPalm, I didn't feel my hair become dry or frizz at all. Totally AMAZE with the result :)

Use this following guide to help you choose the best straightener for your hair type:

Once you have the right styler, check the guide below as a starting point to help choose the
right heat settings for your hair!

They bring into 3 kind of sizes:

Go and get it now! You will be amaze with the result. I have mine on GlamPalm GP201. The price  is about $285. What I get?
 1 straightener with the transparent cap
 1 pretty bag for your hair styler
 1 comb
 2 long hair clips

According to their website, another plus why I do love this product is their safety measure with energy saving idea. 

Safety with automatic shut off
For added energy saving and safety, a built-in sensor prevents overheating, while an automatic
shut-off switch turns off the product after 30 minutes of non-use.

This is that I haven't tried to proof it because I always kind of busy daily activities even since morning and weekend hahaha so I always switch off and go.

before and after using GlamPalm.
I love how it turns my hair so beautifully done :)
I no need to go to the salon quite often then hehe
Here is my video about GLAMPALM to see how amazing and fast the result :)

Use this code : LJFENNY (all in capital)
for your $15 discount on all their product, special for my lovely readers :)

What are you waiting for? :)

Special thanks to GLAMPALM

Thank you for reading my blog

Hope you enjoy it!

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