Friday, June 27, 2014

Girl with Her Little Black Dress


I am so happy can work together with my friend as a talented photographer. He is kind of a nice friend from the same hometown with me, but we started to know each other after sometimes when I move to Singapore after awhile hehe
I know this is such a weird thing but yes here we are :)

He knows when need to focus on my fashion style and when need to focus on my own personality style. I don't have such a big problem to be his model for sure. Love to work with him. He made it so easy.

His skill is totally give me a lot of compliments from our photoshoot.
I still stick with my edgy side for sure.

But somehow, he can give a little touch to make me looks so glam with feminine touch of beauty on his artwork. I don't know about you all but I can feel these picture are alive and can tell a story or meaning. Can you tell? :)

Yes, one of my other side is kind of mysterious yet interesting to make people to know me more. Don't you think so? Because from his artwork, I can see my own reflections to make me realize about myself. I never think it was me, I always think this is must be someone else hahaha Because I never know that actually I can look stunning. He really did it so well :)

Thank you so much Ran, it was so nice can work together with you. It's my pleasure can be your model for sure :)

MUA: Fenny | Ladies Journal
Dress Designed by: Bilin | The1Jia
Accessories: Lovisa

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  1. Gabriella GeorgeJune 27, 2014 at 5:00 PM

    The photography ob your blog is gorgeous and your style is perfection! follow for follow? xx


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