Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chanel Illusion d'Ombres in Utopia - Review + Swatch


I got this Utopia from my lovely girls ( Leanne, Meryl, Sarah, Winnie, and Daphne ). I know that Chanel bring this into Chanel Summer 2014 Collections. Actually they bring 3 shades: Utopia, New Moon, and Mirage. New Moon and Utopia are listed as limited-edition, and Mirage is listed as permanent.

I am not really crazy about eyeshadow actually. But after I tried this, what I can say is totally breathtaking! I really glad to have it now.
I never expect that this colour really brings me into a very soft and natural look. Because as per what I always experienced it before, I kind of have a very heavy look with this colour.

Classic design with glass and elegant Chanel logo on it and also comes with small brush applicator.

It looks powdery but when I tapped my brush into it, there's powdery cream texture.

I really impress with how soft the colour combined sparkling glittery that Chanel brings. This is a semi-sheer, but layers will be kind of intense shimmer. I used this as my full eyeshadow itself without any add on into any eyeshadow. Because I really love the result with kind of light purple shade. I also tried to wear it for almost the whole night, and it's pretty long lasting.
This light purple shade may not really can be seen as strong as the normal purple, and for my skin tone is just nice to give natural beautiful fresh looking.

96 Utopia comes in 4gr, Net wt. 0.14 oz.

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