Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Body Shop Instablur - Review + Swatch


First of all, thank you to The Body Shop Singapore for sending me this amazing product ^.^ So I have a chance to try how good this product on me hehehe... This product is totally save my photoshoot ^.^ I got compliment while doing photoshoot with my friend: Randy. I love this product for sure ^.^

Very simple tube and easy to use. Very handy as well to bring.

I love how this smooth and soft this product. It also not oily at all. It is so long lasting even I have a very hot photoshoot. It didn't break my makeup look.

Smells more like petroleum jelly a.k.a. Vaseline. Only this description that I can tell LOL

Price + Size
Since this product I didn't buy, so I have no idea how much is this. But it comes with 25ml (0.84 US FL OZ).

Photgrapher Randy - LoveLens
MUA Fenny Yolanda | Ladies_Journal 

What I can tell this product is amazing. Very smooth and soft. Totally makes my skin looks having a very nice and smooth surface. Cover my pores and like what their slogan "Instablur" is totally blurry my wrinkles and pores.
You can see from my swatches picture before-after side by side. It tells how big is the different and how smooth the look with this product.

If I compare with NARS Instant line and pore perfector. Body shop totally bring it to the next level. You can read NARS review HERE!
Because when I apply this product after that did my makeup, it still bring a very smooth look. But with NARS, I see a lot of not nice and cakey part on my pores after the makeup. More like I didn't blend my makeup properly. NARS didn't go long lasting and by the time my face become oily. 

How do you love about this product? Because I know so many of you already tried this product. But if you haven't yet, you must try and you will love this product! ^.^

Thank you for reading!

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