Saturday, May 3, 2014

NARS Instant Line and Pore Perfector - Review


I have been searching the product which is can help my makeup to have smooth and nice skin. I tried Pore Perfection from Urban Decay before. It was okay on me. But still not a product that I want it.
So, I try this one from NARS.

Information that I got from NARS website it self:

The ultimate in form and function for targeted, effortless application. This artist essential instantly smoothes fine lines and reduces large pores to immediately create a smooth even surface for foundation and makeup application.
  • Line and pore-filling microspheres instantly smooth the skin’s surface while hyaluronic acid spheres gently plump to fill in lines and wrinkles.
  • Enriched with Vitamins A, C and E to add antioxidant protection.
  • Non-greasy formula absorbs oil and mattes out shine without drying the skin.

  • Angular stick format provides artistic precision and convenience.

Tips from ArtistsBlend Instant Line & Pore Perfector with concealer on the back of your hand and use Cream Blending Brush #12 to apply to pores and lines for smoothing with bit of coverage. – Jake Broullard, Lead Makeup Stylist.

NARS always has simple packaging. This product comes with twisted-up stick. Nothing much that I can say about NARS pacakging since everyone knows about that. Rubber feel material on their pacakging for sure.

This product is really giving me a smooth and define nice line on my skin nicely. Do you know glue stick? Is more like that but not sticky.

I couldn't get the smell as kind of perfume smells. I am not good on describing the smells so pardon me if I am wrong about this. My opinion about it: it has a little sweet but not strong smell. There's almost no smell at all actually.

Price + Size
It comes only with one size, 1.7 gr 0.05 Oz. I bought this at TANGS Orchard for 42 SGD. Since the size is pretty small, so is also very nice to bring over on your pocket or pouch.

For fine lines that I have on my forehead, it is setting very nicely and I love it. But if talk about for pores. Maybe for fine pores is yes. I have a very big pores on my cheek, so is a big NO NO for me. Because it makes my makeup looks so thick and cakey ;( You know that you can see the pores area has uneven spot of foundation on it. A lot of bloggers talk about it that sounds is very freaking great product. It maybe that good to them, but just now an awesome one for me. Over all this product works nicely but still not that I was trying to find. Still not there yet I think.
The fact about this product: It gives you a blur effect!
You can use this product before or after makeup.

This product did very well on fine lines but not big pores on your cheek. How big is that? hmmm I may can say that an ant can hide inside on your pore lol Just kidding! Maybe half of ant hahaha Kidding again! I am not that sure how big is that. Is just not a normal pores like I have ( I mean my pores are so big!)

Do you feel interested on this product? Anyone has tried this product before? Let me know and share it to me, okay? ^.^

Thank you for reading!

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