Wednesday, May 21, 2014

LJH Oxygen Brightening Bubble Mask - Review + Swatches


I have been using so many type of face mask, but this one is very unique. Why? Because this mask when you apply and you leave it will turn into bubble which I haven't seen any into the other products. 
LJH brand is such an innovative product in the market. Hehehe... This product is totally attract my attention. Let's talk about it!

There's nothing fancy with their packaging. This product comes with pump small bottle. Very easy to use for sure.

As per usual that I have a bad sense of describing smell. But I think is more to kind of normal body lotion T.T I mean it has a sweet and fresh but kind of milky smell in the same time. Somehow reminds me of clothe detergent lol

First time when you apply it is so normal like the others facial wash, but for couple seconds it slowly turns to bubble. It's smooth and I have the sensation when the bubble popping up. I mean that I feel my skin firms a little bit. It's very soft on my skin. But I am not that sure about brightening or whitening part to be honest.

Price + Size
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This product comes with 1 size 50ml for 58 SGD ( promotion price from 76 SGD ) - Very good deal to purchase ^.^

I like how this product works.
+ Firming my skin
+ Feel fresh after that
+ Soft and smooth
+ I like how it turns to bubble
+ Moisture my skin

They claim that:

  1. Provides instant whitening effect - which I didn't feel it on my skin even I already have been using it for about 2 weeks.
  2. Detox impurities from inner skin 
  3. Remove dead skin cell on skin
  4. Greatly improves overall skin tone

More about this product? You can check it in HERE!

I hope you enjoy my review!

Thank you for reading.

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