Friday, May 9, 2014

LJH Cellabel M.C. Vital CC Cream - Review + Swatches


We all know that Korean beauty is so popular now days. With their natural looking on their makeup as their winner selling point. That's why now I want to talk about this product from HKCplaza.
First of all, HKCplaza is Korea factory- & aesthetics clinnic-chain, with upcoming focus in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Currently they bring around 38 brands, 6,000 over products. Lee Jiham Dr's care M.C. Vital CC Cream is one of their popular product.

Their packaging basically is simple and nice design with white and black colours. Comes with pump tube on it which I like this type of packaging. 

I am not that sure about smell as usual, so I will try my best to describe it as per my own feeling. I think is more to fresh kind of flora ( not sure which kind of flora ) and a little bit of sweet on it. Oh Gosh! I am totally lost with smell description hahaha so sorry! I tried my best for it XD Don't judge me please! LOL

First of all when you apply it, you will think this cream is to white, but wait till you try to blend it! It's pretty interesting, because with your warm fingers while you try to blend it over, the colour is slowly changing to cream or darker colour.

This cc cream has a very nice smooth texture. From what you see, they have kind of medium coverage. With a little bit glowing skin finish to make you skin look healthy, far away from dullness. It's not sticky and have a cakey feel while I wear it on my face. So soft and not oily as well.

Price + Size
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This product comes with 1 size 45ml for 36 SGD ( promotion price from 72 SGD )

I really love this product. Why? There are some points that I can say highly recommended product to try and you won't regret it, all these points are base from my own thinking ^.^
+ Not sticky on skin
+ Not oily
+ Not giving cakey thick feel
+ Smooth and glowing finish
+ Soft 
+ Nice coverage
+ Natural finish look
I am so sorry about my breakouts skin lately because I am on my periods and also I have been sick since last weeks,
so it's effect my skin as well. But with breakouts skin that totally can help you more about how good this coverage product.
Maybe not that super high coverage. More to medium coverage to me. ^.^
Okay pardon again with my skin. And all those big pores for sure.
You can tell that my skin is kind of sensitive skin with redness and also big pores, pimples (obviously).
Coverage from this products really makes my skin looks smoother and also cover a little bit of my redness.
Cover my big pores as well for sure to give a flawless and glowing finish.

**They also claim that's for anti-wrinkle, anti-blemish, sun screen protection with SPF30 PA++, vitamin C essence, prevents or improves skin troubles and provides brightening effect, etc.

I hope you enjoy my review!

Thank you for reading.


  1. coverage nya bagus ya bisa menutupi jerawat

  2. coverage na okay sih. Tp ga se bagus kalo pake concealer. Krn tujuan na buat as natural as possible :) But so far I love it sih. Krn aku ga suka heavy coverage. So bisa di bilang ini light to medium coverage :)



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