Monday, April 14, 2014

Mask Ball by Decleor Institute


I got Mask Ball Invitation by Decléor Institute so I tried it. It was so relaxing and nice. 
When I reached there, they served me very well. Before I start the session, they checked my skin and explained it to me the condition of my skin. Very nice way to let you know right?

The lady was so nice and kind, I really feel comfortable in there. Offered with tea and slippers, also a little bit time to fill up the form. Oh yeah I fell a sleep during the session lol 
So you know how relax it was though ^.^
They really did the good job on my face. No peeling with this mask ball facial session, so totally safe!

I am so happy after being treated like a VIP, even though it was my first Decléor facial.

After I finished my session, they gave me discount voucher and some samples to try at home and of course gave explanation step by step how to use it.

Aromessence Ylang Ylang Purifying Serum
Harmonie Calm
♥ Aroma Night

From my opinion about their products are more to the natural aromatherapy, that's why I feel so relax there.
Pretty good concept to feel your natural beauty though! hehe

For your appointment :

Decléor Institute
Place: Tangs Orchard, Seviin level 7
Phone: 67380200

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