Saturday, April 26, 2014

Marc Jacobs Beauty Launch Event at Sephora


Thank you Sephora for having me on your Marc Jacobs Beauty Launching Event. I love how Mellisa did her awesome talented to beauty ^.^ and yes see who got her magic skill? Rachel hehehe

After that, we was able to see 4 of iconic looks:

All look so beautiful and gorgeous! Super love it!

Oh yeah Meryl and Linda had a chance to get interview wohoooo... ^.^

Thank you to Leanne from loveforskincare to invite me, and Stephanie for your kind to give us nice goodie product ^.^ Also Evonne from helping us hehehe... It was nice to meet you all ^.^

Guess! Which product is the most favorite? hehehe
I love their black eyeliner, Magic Marc'er Precision Pen is my favorite for sure. You won't regret to have it because until now it didn't smudge easily at all. Very long lasting! What else that you need? ^.^ Best seller and already Out of Stock even only 1 day after their launching it... So amazing!
The other products also very nice. Very smooth, so pigmented as well. I totally love Marc Jacobs Beauty products hahahaha....
Totally high recommended from me! 

What are you waiting for? Go and grab it soon at Sephora now! Swatch it by your self and you will believe what I told you then you will fall in love with it! ^.^

Before we end our lovely event, our awesome talented Queen of selfie took the Grammy Oscar Selfie hahaha Yes she is Daphnee from queendecendants haha...Following by our host Yasminne, and other beauty Queen: Leanne from loveforskincare, Sarah, Meryl from memoiselle, Rachel, Jolene, and  Linda from silverkis.

Well done Sephora ... ^.^ 


  1. Hi Fenny! I just found your blog through VT and I loved it!! So excited that Marc Jacobs finally launched their beauty line in Sg... Thanks for sharing the pictures of the event!


  2. Hi Ambar ☺️ I really glad that I got invited for their launching. And yes their products totally very nice one. My favorite products from them are their eyeliner, liquid foundation and eyeshadows ❤️❤️❤️

    What about yours? Have you tried it? ☺️


  3. Yes I did! My can't-live-without is the MJ Remedy Concealer Pen for the under eye area. Holy Grail!!!! Seriously. Try it. haha

    So nice to meet you :)


  4. Hahaha I almost buy that but i made my own decidion to get CDP concealer instead lollll too many good stuff till so confusing 😂😂😂
    Is the concealer long lasting? What is the level of coverage that they have?



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