Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Experience with Porcelain Face Spa


It has been long time didn't update my blog. Since got hacked and stop blogging for quite long. Now I am back again ^.^ Do you miss me? I hope so lol

I got invited to Porcelain, The Face Spa 2 weeks ago about Snow & Ice Event Launch of CryoTherapy Treatment) at Horse's Mouth Bar. It was a very nice event. We were had so much fun and talk about skin condition and etc.

Well served with free drinks and foods that you can choose by yourself ( the foods and drinks are taste so good ). Hosted by Valerie Lim, Guest performance by Singapore Char Siew Bao. Chit chat with Pauline Ng - Founder of Porcelain Face Spa & Porcelain Skincare Line itself, my pleasure to meet her with her beautiful perfect skin. She had no makeup and I can tell her skin is super awesome and flawless. So envy with her lol. She is so nice tho.
( Me with Meryl from , Ena from , and also Leanne from loveforskincare )

See what I got from their goodie bag:

 Balance - Deep Cleanser 
 Revive - Makeup Cleanser 
 Flawless - Pore + Spot Intensive Serum 🌸 Soothe - Aloe Recovery Gel 
 Balance - Hydraclear Gel 
 Hydrocare Bio Cellulose Mask 
 Revital Eyes Multipeptide Silk Mask

I still using it until now. Very good product to try.
I also had a chance to check my skin condition with their technology. They are so good, because they sent me over the result by email to let me know more about my skin condition.

Here is the video from that event. Can you spot me? ^.^

I got the invitation to try their CryoTherapy last week. How do I feel about that?
  1. When they put the machine ( Needle-Less Mesotherapy ) on face (more like needle stamp), my reaction was like OMG! I scared! lol actually not painful but still. I feel like wire brush on my face LOLLLLL... Honestly was nothing happened. I have no idea how to tell this sensation. You must feel yourself.
  2. CryoTherapy part, totally cooling. Nothing except cooling on my face. Super love it! Even Wyne ( who served me) said it may a bit numb but totally no on me, until she put it on higher level but still nothing happen. Once again I only feel cooling on my face :p
  3. Last part, masker. I totally felt a sleep lol so pardon me. I have nothing to say, you can judge by yourself how good it was hehe
  4. Before I left the bed, she gave back massage a little bit :D
She said, I might get break-out on my skin for 2 or 3 days. But none of the bad things happened, even break-out. My skin become brighter for sure :)

If you need more information about CryoTherapy, you can check it on their website here

The technology that they bring is really to help improve your skin more. Compare if you just use the product itself. That's why, CryoTherapy with their micro-needling helps our pores to absorb the product into a better performance without any redness and pain.

The day after that, I asked to purchase some products from them. And they gave me 10% discount. Wohoooo.... What a great service ^.^

My first time facial without any pain and redness on my face. Wohoooo!!!
Who wants to do facial with NO PAIN and NO REDNESS, here is the place to try it :)

Thank you so much to PORCELAIN the FACE SPA, I totally enjoyed and love it. Also your good service is very good rating from me. I really had so much nice experience from your event and products also service.

Porcelain, the Face Spa
address   : 15 Cantonment Road
                 Singapore 089739
phone      : (65) 6227 9692
website   :

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