Friday, April 28, 2017

Highlighter Game || Review + Swatches


We all know that makeup on Contour & Highlight game is so strong. This time I would like to talk about highlighters, as much as I love highlight ( because I need to HIGHLIGHT my EXISTENCE  😆) 

Highlighters products in the market are like hugeeeeeee amount of products to try. I would love to try more products but I hardly to get it in Singapore. Especially Jeffree Star products and lots of US brands (because the shipping is so expensive)

Okay don't waste so much time talking about introductions. Let's get into the real business.
I will separate it into 4 different types.

1. HL Palette
Backlight BH Cosmetics  VS Alchemist Kat Von D

Comparison of the size are so different. Backlight definitely win over the size. As what you know that Alchemist just launched in Sephora Singapore not long ago. But internet already so crowd and non-stop talking about it. Price wise: BH Cosmetics cost S$24 (not incl. the international shipping) that may end up S$40 for Net 1.23 Oz /35 g, so it's about 5.8 g/each pan ; Alchemist cost S$50 at Sephora with Net 0.05 Oz / 1.53 g/each pan.  Backlight BH Cosmetics is definitely worth the money.

But then, if you look closely. Blacklight BH Cosmetics not as smooth as Alchemist Kat Von D. Alchemist has more holographic effect. So which one are the best? There are pro and cons over here. Which are your looking for? I personally still Backlight BH Cosmetics win my heart. Over the price, size and the choices of the colours.

2. Single HL
Left to Right
Colourpop - Hourglass - Becca Cosmetics
3 different brands that I would like to say the colours are quite lovely for my daily highlight. But to know which one is the best? Let's take a look my swatch below:

Top to Bottom:
Brilliant Strobe Light - Hourglass
Flexitarian - Colourpop
Opal - Becca Cosmetics
Moonstone - Becca Cosmetics
I kind of regret that I purchased Hourglass since none of highlight shown and it's so powdery, not even has the highlight effect. I thought I was just putting colour powder. So sorry Hourglass, yet you are expensive but not worth the money at all. Only you packaging is so pretty, I think that's why I purchased you LOL. Sephora sell it S$62 with Net 4.6g.

Hey Colourpop.... I am about a blinding highlighter. You are the winner for sure. I don't have to build up but only 1 swatch. Must take note, this flexitarian is not compact powder. You can feel a bit cream powder, yet the pigment is damn good. In their website is USD8 - so if I convert it to SGD is about S$12 (not incl. international shipping) with Net 4.2g

Between Opal and Moonstone from Becca, I prefer Opal more. Moonstone in some point is too light for my fair skin. With Opal, I love the sunkiss look on my skin. Becca has the consistence of the pressed highlight. Still not blinding. If you love subtle highlighter, I think you will love Becca Cosmetics. Sephora sell it S$58 with Net 8g.

Over all from pigmentation, texture and price. Colourpop win all over and I feel flexitarian is worth of the money.

3. HL Stick
Luxor NARS & Pink 3CE

I personally don't like stick as highlighter. Why? Because it will drag my makeup that I already set it for 2 hours LOL Just kidding. But seriously in my opinion, stick highlighter is not working for me. I have no idea why do I ever purchase it in the first place 😆
But if you are a highlighter stick person, here we go. Stick is very subtle finish and never be blinding. Is it good? To be honest 3CE has much better effect on it.
3CE Shimmer Stick in Sephora sell S$23 with Net 10g and NARS at Sephora is about S$60 with Net 14g. Well 3CE is way worth the money, especially it also give a better shimmer effect. 

4. Liquid HL

I don't favor liquid as HL and these 2 are from the gift sets to try out when I purchased. Okay let's check on it.

As what you see, Cover FX is amazing though. Completely opaque blinding and the effect also amazing. The full size of Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drop is about 15ml with maybe around S$68 and for Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector for 50ml is S$62 at Sephora. I know the Cover FX is so expensive, but it is worth the money? I guess so. Especially if you love the effect and the opaque. I will say that Cover FX Drop will be my next full size purchase, especially for Holo...

Base on all of these, which type that do you prefer more? I am definitely pressed type hehehe...
If you have more idea or something on your mind, feel free to comment below so we could share together. 

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Treatment at Kowayo Aesthetic - Review (Part 1)


Lately I have been busy and have lacked of sleep, so my skin is acting so bad lately. Gladly I found out about Kowayo Aesthetic where Dr. Wong was helping my skin to get better as what I need and expected. He explained about my skin condition and listen what I need for my skin so he suggested the treatment as what I need.

I did consultation before I have decided what I want and the needs for my skin with Dr. Wong. After few talks, I told Dr. Wong my concern about my skin health more than my face feature. Because of my lack of sleep, I end up having a very bad dark circle, dullness, un-even skin complexion, dark spots and my obvious wrinkles ( old already 😭 ). Not to forget my acne scars with big pores too 😢
With Dr. Wong patient by explaining and sharing his concern about my skin, he also very experience in this line.

After done with the consultation, they direct me to the treatment room which that day I decided to do IPL for my acne scars and un-even skin tone as my first treatment.

Treatment Room
Hi there, It's me before start the treatment LOL
First step is definitely the beautician need to clean my skin.

After my skin is clean, Dr. Wong come to do IPL on me. It was tickling for me but none of  pain I feel over the session. 

The beautician did a little massage & putting sunblock over my face
Me & Dr. Wong

As my surprise, it was painless and nothing like redness or irritation into my skin. I even looked more awake than before the treatment if you can notice that. Okay maybe only my dark circles are there but to be honest, my skin now less bumpy and the texture is getting better.

By the way, Kowayo has few rooms of treatment. The do have slimming treatment room and 2 facial treatment rooms. 

Dr. Wong, Me & Joselyn
I can't wait for my next session. I feel so gladly that Joselyn from Gotidea and Dr. Wong for being so nice on giving my skin the best result I have ever asked.

1 Raffles link 01-03C Singapore 039393

Tel No: 6884 4297

Monday, March 20, 2017

Kowayo Dewy Shine 少女针 Beauty Event with Gotideas


About 2 weeks ago I got invited by Joselyn - Gotideas and attended Kowayo Dewy Shine Beauty Event at 1 Raffles Link. It was a lovely event and I have learned a lot about beauty aesthetic that nowdays to be beautiful also can be less painless. 

The Kowayo Dewy Shine 少女针 is a specially designed Collagen Stimulation treatment (Ellanse) that stimulates your body’s own collagen to lift the cheeks, forehead, chin and tear trough area (under eye) to achieve a natural face-lifting effect.
Ellanse works differently from traditional dermal fillers to address wrinkles and folds. It not only correct wrinkles and fold instantaneously in just one session, it also stimulates your own collagen to treat the underlying causes of facial aging for long-lasting results.
The Kowayo Dewy Shine collagen stimulation treatment also benefits and treats other skin conditions such as saggy cheeks, enlarged pores and acne scarring.
During the event, some of the invited guests shared their experience at Kowayo Aesthetic and how the treatments had help to enhance their facial features and boost their confidence.
Jennifer shared about how the chin fillers has helped her achieve a V-shaped face and slimmer jaw line with refined contours.

Cinddie shared about how the HiQueen HIFU treatment helped to reduce her nasolabial lines due to its effective face-lifting effect.
Ryan did IPL to treat his acne problems at Kowayo.

The event ended with a Grand Draw where the top prize was the HiQueen HIFU treatment worth $1800 and Benjamin was the lucky winner! Recently, he did the Kowayo Signature Dark Eye Circles Treatment to correct his tired eyes and I couldn’t help but notice how refreshed he look at the event!

The event ended with more rounds of happy photo-taking with Dr Wong, who gladly obliged every photo request. No one walk away empty-handed as well, as every invited guest receive a swag bag containing Kowayo hydrating face masks and an eye & lash peptide serum.

Dr. Wong & Me

For the rest of the picture from the event, you can see it over here

1 Raffles link 01-03C Singapore 039393

Tel No: 6884 4297