Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Brighttonix Y10 System Mouth Rejuvenation


About BrightTonix
BrightTonix Medical Ltd, is an Israel based medical device company focused on developing innovation medical solutions for dental practitioners, aesthetic physicians and beauty professionals. The company is led by world-class professionals from the aesthetic medical devices industry, experienced engineers, and supported by leading dental professionals worldwide.

BrightTonix Medical LTD. is proud to announce the launch of its Y10 Mouth Rejuvenation System with the partnership of Cambridge Medical Group of Medical Centers in Singapore. It has been launched since August 2nd, 2017. The Y10 Mouth Rejuvenation System is the company’s breakthrough product aiming to set a new standard in the teeth whitening industry and to revolutionize the overall patient experience and satisfaction.

The Y10 Mouth Rejuvenation at a glance:
  • ·   Faster: Employs low power radio-frequency (RF) technology to remove stains from teeth enamel in only 15-30 minutes, compared to one hour on average with current treatments in the market.
  • ·    Safer: Eliminates the potential risks from abuse or poor application of current teeth whitening treatments, and it prevents the negative side effects associated with the use of hydrogen peroxide including pain and patient discomfort.
  • ·    Brighter: Capable of effectively whitening even the toughest of shades (dark or light), known to be difficult or impossible with current treatments in the market.

While current teeth whitening procedures cause pain and a burning sensation during and post procedure, the Y10 Mouth Rejuvenation System provides immediate results in teeth whitening and oral cavity rejuvenation, coupled with a pleasant, safe, pain-free experience for patients.

The Y10 Mouth Rejuvenation System Provides a Pleasant, Safe, Pain-Free and Refreshing Experience for Patients While Achieving Immediate Teeth Whitening Results of Several Shades Brighter. 

I have tried out myself, in just 1 time trial I can see the result is amazing that become 8 shades lighter (shade 17 to shade 9). I impressed by myself because it's not only has no pain and dangerous chemical that could damage my teeth or even gum. But only in only with 60 minutes could give this kind amazing result. Not only that, you also can do it regularly like everyday if you want to get the best result without any side effect, where anywhere else or even dentist normally will give you high recommendation to do it only every 6 months after. 

I would say I highly recommend this treatment which has no side effect, very safe and instant result.

Where do you can find and try this treatment?
Center for Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery
1 Scotts Rd, Unit 03-03, Singapore

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

D.I.Y. your own nail art

Have you ever think to have your own manicure & pedicure that easily to bring for travelling, didn't take so much space and easy to use also not to forget safe from the dangerous chemical?

As you know I am a lazy person who always say no time to do because to be honest we have to spend 1-2 hours at salon. Not to mention that how expensive it can be. Doing it with express manicure/pedicure definitely won't long lasting. Like seriously only for few days it will chip off. That't gel polish always become the good option for long lasting. 

Now you can have your own kits to do your own manicure/pedicure at home or anywhere else. Only using simple steps without base coat and top coat will still maintain the same quality like salon gives.

I was invited to The PinkRoom International Nail Academy workshop that works together with QTTIE GELLY. 
I did my own DIY nail art ( picture above )

Day 1
Condition after more than 2 weeks
I was satisfied with how simple and easy to use the kit and also how lasting the product quality. Not to forget saving my money for spending every 2 weeks on nails only. 

So I decided to get my own starter kit.
With only $98 you can get 1 set of starter kit with 1 gel polish, 1 UV light (portable) and the cleanse.
Qttie Gelly comes with 30 colours for you to choose.

Qttie DIY Starter Kit
For more information about QTTIE GELLY, please check their website www.qttie.com or their social media.

So what do you think? 
This product I can say :
  1. so affordable price
  2. safe time
  3. easy to use
  4. lasting
  5. travel handy
  6. safe from dangerous chemical
  7. a lot of variation to choose
Can't wait to do another creation on my own again ;)

Have a nice day!

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Friday, June 16, 2017

NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder || Review + Swatches


NYX Cosmetics just release their Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder, actually it comes in 5 different shades but I only got 4 shades on me. You will be surprise with the price and how blinding it can be. NYX really been stepping up their game lately, as you know lately I love strobe and blinding that makes myself sure I definitely gonna love this too.  

NYX packaging is always in plastic and this time with round shape and plastic compact. The packaging is pretty light as usual. But come on, with the price and expecting in amazing packaging? I definitely feel amaze with the formula than packaging and it contains 0.21oz of product.

The texture is dryer than Kat Von D Alchemist Highlighter or even Becca. But NYX can be build up, so you don't have to worry for being too much. The product is not contain of glitters but really duo chromatic or another way to say it is colour shifting. 

Final Thought
To be honest with very affordable price and perform like high-end brands is just amazing. This products need to be recognized and you shall have it at least 2 of it to try out. Especially, blinding highlighter is in trend now. 

I will definitely will bring out more NYX products to share with how amazing their formula is. Do let me know what else you want me to review.

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